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    I know you can see my tripod, but I just really really like this picture!

    This is so pretty.


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    The Woodall team works on The Great #Tazza (92.2.8) for Thomas Webb and Sons in 1891. #Photograph from the Juliette and Leonard #Rakow collection (CMGL 97796). #MustacheMonday #cameo #glass #library http://ift.tt/ZbvirX

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    Today actor Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy) joins us to talk about his new memoir, Easy Street (The Hard Way).  In the interview he tells us about what it’s like acting under heavy prosthetic makeup:

    "You look like you’re doing a lot of stuff because you’re covered, but the makeup is so seamless and so liquid. The more subtle you are, the more expressive you are. Everything you’re doing, even if you’re just thinking something without moving a muscle, it shows through. When I realized how little I had to do in prosthetic makeup and that the makeup was nothing more than an enhancement — an addition, another layer that added to the texture of the character — it was a liberating feeling for me."

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    Two wars, two veterans, both homeless. Henry Addington, 67, served with the Navy in Vietnam and Dan Martin, 29, was a medic in Afghanistan.

    If you ask them, homeless veterans might tell you they only have a vague idea of what they look like, or how they got to where they are. At least that was true of the few we met in San Diego.

    There are about 50,000 homeless vets in the U.S., according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans who have struggled with drug use or mental illness, unemployment or criminal records — or any number of things.

    NPR spoke with Henry, Dan and 7 other veterans in a pop-up portrait studio at Stand Down San Diego. Find out what they had to say.

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    Lizzy Caplan